Stickbow Rabbits – Traditional Bowhunting for rabbits – Small game hunting – Tales From the Willows


Hunting rabbits in Denmark with my buddy´s at our annual trip. Shot´s fired at 3:19 – 4:00 – 5:05 – 6:16 – 6:51 – 8:45

Equipment used in this video:

Mortens setup: Blacktail Sitka recurve 56″ 43@26 – Goldtip Entrada with 150 grain insert and a G5 Montec broadhead

Thomas´s setup: Blacktail Sitka recurve 60″ 41@29 – Goldtip Traditional with 100 grain insert, and 125 grain China head

My setup: Blacktail Columbian Longbow 60″ 49@27 – Goldtip Entrada, with 100 grain insert, and a Montec broadhead
#huntthehardway #traditionalbowhunting #rabbithunting #smallgame #blacktailbows

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Small game hunting
Traditional bowhunting
Bowhunting in Denmark
Kanin jagt
Tales From the Willows
Tactacam 5.0 Wide
Morten Skotte
Thomas Tilsted
Peter Juulsgaard

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49 thoughts on “Stickbow Rabbits – Traditional Bowhunting for rabbits – Small game hunting – Tales From the Willows

  1. you should try rabbit bow hunting with explosive tipped arrows. Helps you with cutting them up for stew, if you dont mind the taste of gunpowder and dirt and maybe a little bit of shrapnel

  2. I'm looking to get a longbow or recurve bow. What is the minimum draw weight for small game. I want to be sure I can kill a small game animal but I don't think I can do the 40 pound draw weight that is for large game.
    Is 20, 25, or 30 lb draw weight good enough to kill a rabbit or other small game?
    You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find an answer to that question. I've looked for 2 weeks and no answer. I know for large game the minimum draw weight requirement is 40 lb but small game I can't find it.

  3. Shooting down rabbits for fun, huh? You are a disgusting bunch of crumpled pricks, and so are those fan coments here.

  4. Great video.looks like you have a great time.your lucky you can still hunt with bow and arrow.its no longer allowed here in Ireland.

  5. Do you ever try hunting with an traditionell bow? Longbow or Recurve, only wood. No modern helping equipement. Traditionell archery in it's pure life.

  6. Why you people are destroying nature nature give you everything but you give nature nothing so why you destroyed the nature

  7. Glad to see you were using sharp broadheads to shoot the rabbits instead of blunts. Many times an animal will be hit with a blunt and wounded only to run away and die. They don't run much after being hit with a broadhead.

  8. I just discovered your channel. I've been a compound guy for awhile and I'm just getting into traditional Longbow. Denmark seems like an interesting place to hunt

  9. That was a fun video!! What a perfect way to spend a nice few days outside, and have the benefits of something for the pot too

  10. Is this in Sweden, Norway, or Denmark? I am asking for the reason that I am in Sweden… And trying to figure out the laws for bow hunting.

  11. Those were some fantastic shots and the crappy shot didnt actually look that crappy to me. I really enjoy watching you guys put down those rabbits. I've done that a few times myself, but not quite as well as you seem to be able to.

  12. small game forces us to focus harder on everything. challenging and fun. my first shot at any game with a stickbow was in 1969 at a rabbit in the briars. I missed plus lost the arrow LOL.

  13. Rabbits are tasty. I just wish they weren't so darn cute. I live in eastern Kansas USA. I live on 3 acres. My Wife feeds wild rabbits daily. I tease her about how good rabbit stew is. She is not amused. We would have to be hungry to start harvesting.

  14. had people tell me that I can't get rabbit with a bow and arrow !or a 1911 ( that they called a colt 45) ! told them I could hit a rabbit in the eye at 25 yds and the heart at 50 yds ! had more fun hunting rabbits with bow and arrow !

  15. Nice vid.
    My tips:
    Rabbits that have been shot over recently are more easily spooked. Depending how heavily hunted over then they can stay in hiding from 10 to 20 minutes; but their need to feed is high. Their natural flight instinct is about 65m so getting under that takes some stalking. Ground wind is the one to watch for, sky lighting too.
    Try and hunt over land that hasn't been hunted over for at least a couple of weeks. Anywhere there has been no hunting or dog walkers are half as difficult.

    The chop does work, but can be bruising. if you need to do a few then neck stretch is better; just do it with a straight arm. Like pulling a bow.


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