Sweetheart Hopups – Old Tech Made Modern – Australian Gel Ball


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If you are interested in attending a Perth Gel Ball game, send a request to the Perth GBG community Facebook for more information.

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13 thoughts on “Sweetheart Hopups – Old Tech Made Modern – Australian Gel Ball

  1. so this hop up sits in between the inner and outer barrel? and then i can hide the hop up with a suppressor with a grub screw? i’m new to blaster modding lol

  2. Armour tech yellows are average but the milkies are shite as are war interest milkies. AK are by far the most used and preferred. Perhaps the hops ups are just a novelty crap idea after all…

  3. Is it possible to do a more in depth video such as a close up of the groupings and the installation process? I would like to see a video about this from a reliable youtuber

  4. With the newer better harder gels around, it might be worth seeing if an air-soft style hop-up will work with gels now. Since it all works on basically the same principal. Could be a potential game changer with any luck.

  5. I use the RZ metal got a half that price 3D print the plate didn't fit correct the RZ on orange standard or milky armour perfect straight out the box the one thing missing was a manual but i had it so tight once it shoot 30m then would pick up again 45m like!! unfortunately completely unstable…..

  6. just wondering what barrel ID and length did u use during the test O_O?
    also, i notice you were turning the hopup around on the inner barrel, did you notice better result when its turned different direction rather than the 3 grove pointing down?
    coz i got a set, and cannot get them to work properly,
    7.5 barrel, AT milkies

  7. Hey guys, sorry for the flatness in this video, lack of coffee and overworked. I'll be doing some gameplay testing this week at the CQB field. Hopefully also using a tracer unit.

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