Sweetheart Rakan Skin Spotlight – League of Legends


League of Legends Sweetheart Rakan Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Rakan on their Sweetheart Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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43 thoughts on “Sweetheart Rakan Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

  1. I got this skin from hextech chest and i collected esence to get it, now get it and i'm so happy

  2. I thought this skin was good until I saw comic dust rakan. Now it looks like utter garbage to me. The colors, the cheap back, the fucking shirt, the feathers look so bad as well.. ehhhh

  3. I wish they would have switched colors of rakan & xayah. I want rakan with dark colors to look more like a gentle man not a drag queen.

  4. The skin looks great, can't wait for the release. I love the in game sound effects, I love the choice of colors, I love everything. Haters can go ahead and hate. If you really dislike the skin that much, don't fucking buy it. I personally love it, and I also love Rakan, so I will be buying this skin 100%.

  5. Overall, I think the skin looks good for what it was going for. I personally don't like it because the initial design looks tacky. My biggest peeve is the giant ornament planted in his head. Like with Cosmic Dawn's fiery hair, it's a bit ambitious, which ambition is good, but Rakan is a dancer. If you wanted something on his head, a headband or crown would've looked much better. We need a skin that's as fluid as his play style. Everything else looks cool and posh, but the color scheme is really dorky, especially with the hearts. The deep purple is nice while the lighter side has an Easter feel and doesn't mesh well with the blue hues coming off the cape. Red is a color of passion, Rakan being a passionate character, much stronger than the flaky pink and compliments the theme with white, dark purple, and gold. They could have used gold a lot more heavily, especially as a primary color on the shoulders. Those striped poofs could have been glorious pauldrons!

  6. Rose looks horrible, Recall dance seems bland, The cape looks plastic, The Heart on Rakan's head should be a crown because right now he looks like a clown. If they release this, I hope its not around 1 thousand but below it, then it would seem like a fair deal.

  7. I just thought of this bit what if you have a sweet heart skin as either Xayah and Rakan and the other Xayah or Rakan don't, what's their back animation?

  8. well i really like rakans personality but this skin is just like , it's not fitting him at 100% its more like 60% :/

  9. I actually like the skin. My big problem is that it's a very very safe and boring skin. Obviously the birds would get it. Could've at least put in a new set of skins pls.

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