The Last of Us Part 2 – Ellie and Dina Live on a Farm with Her Baby // All Farm Scenes


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The Last of Us Part 2 – Ellie and Dina Live on a Farm with Her Baby // All Scenes

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42 thoughts on “The Last of Us Part 2 – Ellie and Dina Live on a Farm with Her Baby // All Farm Scenes

  1. When I first played through here – I was CONVINCED that this was just a dream….that Ellie and Dina had died on the floor and this was Ellie's final moments. I just feel like it's so contrived and forced. Sheep are dope though.

  2. I know I’m late but fuck this ending, they had a happy family on a farm happy as can be, Ellie leaves to go find Abby doesn’t even kill her, Ellie got her finger chewed off for nothing and then she just lets Abby leave and take the boat, so the whole Ellie chasing abby thing, led to Dina leaving Ellie because Dina didn’t want to wait for Ellie, so it left to nothing

  3. The ending is a bit sucks remembering player have a quest to hunt Abby..but on the other perspective, its kinda a fair fair situation for both of them. Abby lost his dad. Ellie lost Joel

  4. I honestly thought the game was gonna end here at the farm and then we'll have TLOU3 where we continue the hunt for Abby.. Haha

  5. Dad mom I can explain I’m not lesbian and it not a sex. Game dad why holding a belt dad please no no ahhhh

  6. One of the few 'nice' parts of the game. This farm house, and the area they are living in, are so beautiful. I'm actually creating a similar look in my own house. Even the music – I went and bought that Crooked Still album that Ellie puts on after hearing it here. 🙂

  7. I mean it bugs me that she left, but what bugs me more is that after that Ellie didn't even kill her. Also I hated Tommy after that.

    P.s. If they make The Last Of Us 3 it better be about Ellie going to find Dina and getting her back. I SWEAR TO GOD!

  8. the fact that ellie didn't wanna lose dina, and that was exactly what happened. Its crazy how dina just left like that. ellie should've gotten a happy ending. 🥺

  9. Am at a crossroads with ellie. A part of me knows in my heart she deserved that happy farm ending, but the other part says she deserved what happened. It shows you how much revenge can change everything, not just a person. She should have smacked Tommy and said "idc what I originally said. I have a family now. Don't you think I've lost enough?" There was no need to make it worse by chasing after Abby again, especially when she knew deep down admittedly or not, that Abby was justified in her actions in the end. And there was definitely no need for the writers to take away the gift that Joel had taught her. I just hope she learns to play it again somehow

  10. This shit is weird, I'm sorry. Call me a homophobe or whatever. I'm not gonna sit here and act like 5:10 is some normal shit.

  11. 14:40 That was a weird scene in game. Finding 3 arrows in the field and it was floating behind her back. At the party cutscene there was even a arrow in her head. It's a good game, but not perfect yet.

  12. Ok I have to ask, where the fuck is this dreamy farm supposed to be where no infected or no other fractions live nearby??
    I get that they wanted to show us how Ellie would give up a perfect life for revenge but this scenario was too cheesy, they could have simply returned to Jackson

  13. This is the most realistic game I have ever encountered. It replicas life more than we can imagine. The story tells of love and happiness BUT the main message is vengeance and the cost we pay.

    It's all about perspective as well; Joel was a hero in our story but in another, he was the villain. He killed Abby's father and that had her seeking blood vengeance which resulted in losing her friends, being tortured and held hostage for a long time.

    Ellie as well chose the vengeance path, losing her friends, lover, emotional and physical trauma as well. Revenge is a fool's game that gives with one hand and takes much more with the other.

    If you choose the path of revenge, be prepared to pay a hefty cost— one that evens, and perhaps overcomes, the victory.

    Naughty dog also left a partial open ending for the audience to interpret, maybe Ellie went back to Jackson and reconciled with Dina. Who knows?

    The moral of this story is so strong but people had created deep attachments to certain characters that they simply turned a blind eye to the lesson.

    That's my interpretation at least ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  14. The writing in this game is so bad…..

    Abby killed the father of Dina's baby, almost killed her and her son while she was pregnant and murdered Joel in cold blood but still tries to convice Ellie NOT to deal with her once and for all and get payback??? (Dina also treated Jesse like shit while he was alive and cheated on him with Ellie, Dina is a legit piece of work)

    They wrote Dina as a miserable coward, who is utterly selfish and self centered….literally IRL Dina would be hated by any person with a pulse and common sense.

  15. this farm looks too clean and safe, that no infected or hostile survivor attacking such place with no high walls or security, I thought this was a dream sequence, but it's actually real.

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