The Legendary Honda RC51


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38 thoughts on “The Legendary Honda RC51

  1. I had a 2006 loved it. Took my wife for a ride on it when she was my girlfriend and she didn't appreciate the wheelie at 125mph as much as me . She said "me or the bike" . I missed my girlfriend for a while until she came to her senses. Then i pussed out and sold it.

  2. The SP1: My favorite Japanese bike AFTER the 1986 Yamaha FZ750 (my 1st bike). My buddy from work had one and the sound of that bad boy was incomparable! Even my 2010 Aprilia RSV4 Factory, which sounded GREAT, couldn't hold a candle to that gear drive! Reminded me of 60's Camaros, Firebirds and Chevelles with Milodon timing gears sets.Music to my ears.☺☺☺☻☻☻
    I failed to mention how beautiful that bike was/is!
    Never got to ride his bike, though as he passed away suddenly of heart failure at the ripe old age of 47.
    If I could find one at a reasonable price without 'a million' miles on it…….

  3. A pretty well known YouTuber sold an RC51 a few days ago for $3000 cash..There is a video for the non believers

  4. I had the VTR1000F Superhawk, not as fast as the RC51 but still a great bike. Bought it new in 02 and kept it 12 yrs. Still miss that bike.

  5. I want a new RC51 but with the riding position of the FZ1. Probably a displacement bump, too, TBH.

  6. I'm here in 2020. I have a 2003 CBR954 (classic) but the one bike that grabs my attention more than the 954 is the RC51…I love this timeless classic.

  7. Love mine
    Its way modded to the point only those in the know can tell. Single side exhaust conversion dyno tuned ful repaint etc.
    Gets lookie loos and compliments every where I go . I got it in pieces and built it up myself. Never get rid of it.

  8. The toughest built bike ever, it will roll 100k if you take care of her. The sound is like no other.
    Most bikes today, are like the front of a roller coaster, the RC51, is like sitting on the back of a roller coaster with all that torque. Love my RC51.

  9. Had one of these for the day, with a view to buying one. Technically it seemed out of date even when it was new and did its best to throw me off with slow steering and vague road-holding for some reason. one of the scariest rides Ive ever been on. couldnt wait to get off it.

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