The preproduction of a small game


If you wondered how an independant or a small game is born, this video is should give you some insights on the process.

The software I use for reference images is PureRef:

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10 thoughts on “The preproduction of a small game

  1. Hi! In your video you show a GDD about the game "Pimpin le lapin". Where did you find this document? Is it possible to have a copy of it as an example to create my documents? Also, is this game is available? I'll be happy to check it out 😀

  2. This video is great! I wanted to make a game with my friend and now, thanks to GDquest, I know how to start!

  3. Thanks for the Guide, I hope my Circle can create an a Amazing and Wonderful Game even we are Beginners ^^

  4. hey the video is awesome.. thanks for the same, by the way would like to connect and chat with you if possible

  5. For reference, biology and botany atlases are a great resource, and also watching movies with a specific theme, and taking screenshots.

  6. I can't agree with you more. Honestly I find it difficult to make sprites for my games. I usually use sprites from open resource and all. Any tips on sprite making would be helpful.

  7. Maybe you mentioned it already, but at 4:17, is that dedicated reference board software? If so, what's the name of it?

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