Top 25 Best PC Adventure Games


Showcasing our list of the the best adventure video games on the PC so far. These are the highest adventure rated games currently available on the Windows, Mac, and Linux. Support this channel by clicking the Amazon affiliate links below:
Blackwell Epiphany
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Emily is Away Too
Night in the Woods
Ori and the Blind Forest
The Cat Lady
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
The Sexy Brutale
The Stanley Parable
The Talos Principle
Thimbleweed Park
To the Moon
Valiant Hearts: The Great War
West of Loathing

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21 thoughts on “Top 25 Best PC Adventure Games

  1. machinarium was the shit. back when i was around the age of 6 me and my dad would spend hours on machinarium. it wasnt till recently that i completed it without him.

  2. Welp. After searching tirelessly for a new game to purchase, not one of these Top Games videos from ANY of these content creators have convinced me to buy anything. I am losing faith in humanity.

  3. I don't wanna be toxic or anything like that, but, I couldn't even go through 30 seconds of the video because of the first games. They suck so much.

  4. Can someone help me please. I'm looking for a point and click puzzle game where you play on some weird alien world, all i remember is you start as a little creature in its house, and also there was a part where you had to pull certain switches to lead colored eggs or balls through pipes (falling from the top) into their designated rooms. Also when you click around and something doesn't work, the creature says "neh neh" …… it was a cute, yet kind of creepy game and I'd really love to play it again but what's it called….???

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