Unboxing Original 1998 Gameboy Color & Pokemon Blue


▶Unboxing Old School Pokedex:
▶Pimp my Gameboy Color:



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22 thoughts on “Unboxing Original 1998 Gameboy Color & Pokemon Blue

  1. I’ve still got my purple one I got as a kid. Recently got a backlit Pokémon edition one but I started off at Pokémon yellow as a kid. I now own red and blue and I’ll slowly playing through them and it’s the best feeling in the world. Love the nostalgia

  2. How can you unbox an already unboxed item 🤔 (please insert a math equations around a thinking man meme) !?

  3. cool vid but not what i was expecting. i wanted a completely sealed game boy unboxed not one just put back in its original setting!

  4. Useless opinions, trash music, a lot of gibberish talk, and a dumb way to film such masterpiece… consider deleting this video

  5. I remember as a kid playing my blue version with my gameboy pocket. When the game boy color came out I was so jealous of anyone who had one. I remember having this weird attachment to my gameboy. It magnified the screen. Had a light and a larger speaker.

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