View Two Sheets Side-by-Side in the Same Excel File

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Learn how to setup Excel to view two sheets side-by-side in the same workbook using the New Window feature. This technique is great for writing formulas, copying and pasting data, or comparing two or more sheets. It saves time from having to navigate between two tabs that are not close to each other in the workbook.

I explain shortcuts to setup the split screen view, and how to use Synchronous Scrolling to visually compare two different sheets with similar data.

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21 thoughts on “View Two Sheets Side-by-Side in the Same Excel File

  1. Is it possible to view two sheets side-by-side inside same app window (old style Office 2010 view, without having toolbars for each sheet)? Thanks

  2. OK, now do one where you save two workbooks at the same time while continuing to work on a 3rd. Other than as legacy-ware why is this atrocity still a valid business tool?
    How about this, do one where you have multiple panes open for various data sources and intersperse the excel panes in between the data sources so that you don't have to go looking for the right sheet.

  3. I can't tell you how many times I have used a screen copy to do this.  Thank you for this short but useful video!

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