What's It Like To Ride an RC51


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41 thoughts on “What's It Like To Ride an RC51

  1. You have to lube up your clutch lever, it's squiking when you pull it…Nice Bike, I had a SP2 in White some years ago here in Denmark, You should watch what Thorsten Dyrbahn http://www.durbahn.de/ got out of one of these bikes, and all the other bikes.

  2. I love the RC51, the look, the history, and that sound! My favourite is the original red, silver, and black.

  3. Like Don Selegrath Jr said, get some love from Dan Kyle on fork rebuild / do Ohlin's rear shock. That magnificent motor was built to be beat

  4. Have you ever thinking about making a review of zx14r. I would like to see you reaction of that bike… Btw i love so much V4 and V-twins bikes, like the vfr800, vtr1000, tl1000, Sv1000s. Ducati and Aprilia are awesome but expensive.

  5. There is a rubber gasket that goes in between the solo tail cover and the seat, that makes it snug. Pain in the butt to install everytime, and sticks out a bit, but it definitely helps.

  6. I wish Suzuki and Honda continued their 90°vtwins and that Yamaha and Kawasaki would've offered models to compete, and inline 4cyl 750's. A missed opportunity, imo.

  7. Put an Ohlins on it & let KYLE racing revalve the forks, then U can really exploit what power it does have ! I've ridden alot of bikes… LUV my Fiddy 1 !!!

  8. I had a new Ducati 998…sold after I got my ass handed to me by this frickin' Honda that sounded amazing. Finally caught up to the guy. Bought an '03 RC51 SP2 in early '05. Bike is insane and have had NO mechanical issues. Love it after 14 years.

  9. I'd LOVE one of these puppies… been one of my favorite bikes for ages. Called the VTR 1000 SP2 this side of the world though. Envious! Enjoy man.

  10. Dam that does sound awesome. The same reason I love the Ducati’s. Except with a Honda you have legendary dependability. I would probably get one if it was more of an upright sitting position. Thanks for the video

  11. I have a TLR and I'm about to get the fabled RC and I'm super excited..
    It's an sp1 but it's a childhood dream bike..
    I got my TL and soon an RC ..
    I understand your love for the big twin and the power .
    Nice bike you have there ..
    Oh and I have a vfr to lol
    It's a 84 500 vfr intersepter v4 lol not the 800 though

  12. That thing hauls like crazy. Love your excitement and I know because I ride one too 😉 I even have a gear indicator and shiftlight-build for it. Take good care of her.

  13. Nice video! These bikes are so addicting and unique. Nothing else like it. I'll never sell. I dont want to ride anything else. Has always been my dream bike. Mine is a 2000 with 45K miles, #1119

  14. I had one of these many years ago. The engine was… just the best. The sound, how it delivered power, just great. Ultimately I had to sell mine because I liked going on long rides and this one wore me out after an hour.

  15. I had a SP1. I only had it a week and took it to the Isle Of Man, big mistake! I hadn't been riding long and it scared the living daylights out of me! The suspension was set far too hard and I was getting bounced out of the seat. I traded it as soon as I could, but I wish I had kept it. Was an amazing machine, I just wasn't experienced enough at the time to get the best out of it. I'd have another one tomorrow.

  16. Beautiful bike lad . I've an old honda 2 a honda cbr 600 f3 and I would not change it for the world so hang on to that one you have class bike . I would love one . Keep her between the hedges as wee say back in belfast .

  17. It has so much history behind it. I know you did include and cover its history but there is so much more to it. Such a special bike!

  18. Here is the damn problem with your video about your new RC51!… suddenly this bike is getting attention again. It's like you and several others bragging about it are making people aware of how special it is…that now YOU CAN'T FIND them anymore! That is what I was afraid of!

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