Wildest Spinning Finishes in UFC History

Công Nghệ

Take a look back at some of the wildest finishes due to a spinning strike or kick in UFC history.

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45 thoughts on “Wildest Spinning Finishes in UFC History

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  2. 8:55 Renan barao dancing was funny af. Sad he's on a decline now. He was untouchable for 9 years in his prime.

  3. I know these Fighters have a lot of adrenaline pumping through their veins but when you strike your opponent and they are snoring before they hit the ground and are clearly unconscious and you dive on them and try to crush in their face you should be fined. Because that is just attempted murder

  4. Men , men, men, men ;….. Meanwhile women are kicking ass in the gender war….. Ousting men from the workplace left and right ! And all men can think of is beating the tar out of each other.

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  6. You do get to see how attentive and skilful the refs are in these fights as well. Good stuff. BUT – blimey some of those hits!!!

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